Research concerned with Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate partner violence is a major public health problem globally. Its importance is acknowledged by its inclusion as an indicator in the fifth Sustainable Development Goals; Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres.

IPV refers to psychological violence, physical violence and sexual violence, which occurs between partners who are currently, or ever have been in an intimate relationship. This includes marital, cohabiting or dating relationships. IPV cause serious health and economic consequences. For victims, apart from physical injuries, mental health problems, especially depression, are common. The costs of IPV are substantial, including preventative measures, health and victim services, physical and emotional harm, property damage and police and criminal justice cost.

While awareness of IPV has increased globally, it has attracted little attention in China until recently by the announcement in December 2015 of the first legislation---the Domestic Violence  Law of the People's Republic of China. In addition, few studies of IPV have been conducted in China.

Therefore, a cross-sectional study has been conducted in six provinces from July to September 2018 to examine the prevalence of IPV and identify risk factors. Qualitative studies will be undertaken in future.