The Grand Prize sharing meeting for Therese Hesketh team member Chen Jie

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To celebrate Professor Therese Hesketh team member Chen Jie receiving the Grand Prize in the 16th National University Student Challenge Cup Competition, an exchange conference was held on Novermber 28th, 2019. The conference was chaired by Professor Hesketh. The attendees included Professor Wang Hongmei, associate Professor Paul Kadetz, Dr. Shen Xiaoyun and students from all grades.


At the meeting, Professor Wang Hongmei, on behalf of the School of Public Health, expressed her sincere congratulations to Professor Hesketh and her team on their achievements. And Professor Hesketh appreciated strong supports from the school.

 Chen Jie, introduced the AMR project briefly. In this project, retailed pharmacies were investigated. It was found that 83.6% of the retailed pharmacies had sold antibiotic drugs illegally. Based on the survey, an online education platform targeting medical personnel and the public was launched. Nowadays, more than 28,000 people have registered in this education platform. In future studies, more applicable research methods and an intervention model are expected to form to address the abuse of antibiotics.

During the exchange meeting, Chen Jie also shared his experience in scientific research and competition, answered questions from teachers and students, and the atmosphere was really relaxed and active. The experience sharing session was a complete success!